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After the course of the long vegetation phase, high atop the Dietlingen vineyards property, if all the conditions for securing a healthy grape are fulfilled up to the point of vintage, then the Vinifikation in the wine cellar of the Cuvee Physiokrat can succeed.

During the meticulous manual labor, the grapes are picked and brought into the winery for another assorting before destalking. By the natural gravitation the softly mashed grapes slide down to start the fermentation in containers of the wine cellar. Just after a few minutes, we take 10-15% of the juice resulting from the mashed grape berries. This process in French is called "Saignée", that concentrates the later red wine considerably in a natural manner. Then for several days, the cold maceration begins for the mashing of the grapes. This mashing, before the alcoholic fermentation begins, enhances the rich flavors of the berries for a unique fruit rich, full bodied wine.

The fermentation begins afterwards absolutely spontaneously with the very own natural wild yeast from our vineyard and cellar. The increase of the temperature is only enough as an initial ignition for the beginning of the change of the stored glucose in alcohol, which creates the metamorphosis of grape juice into wine.

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