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After at least three weeks of fermentation, the freely run off wine from the mash containers is changed and prepared to be put into the mostly new Barrique barrels. The remaining thick mash is then carefully pressed with the help of a vertical-hydraulic wicker press that applies light pressure. However, this pressed wine is not added to the Cuvee Physiokrat, but is used for our second wine.

After the second fermentation, the dismantling of the biological acid in the Barrique barrels has run for approximately 5-6 weeks, one needs to patient as the Cuvee Physiokrat wine needs many months to develop.

Regular sensory testing and analytic controls, with the stirring of the fine yeast will follow with the weekly "Batonnage" and racking of the wine so that no disturbance is found to prohibit any hindrance in development of our fine wine.

After 12 to 15 months, the Vintage Cuvee Physiokrat is filled in noble bottles and sealed with the finest selected natural corks. These corks provide the optimum protection, to ensure the goodness of the wine under the best conditions of storage, to guarantee the best ripening period over the course of several years.

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