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In the Southwest region of Germany lies the Baden wine-growing areas, which contain slopes of the softly rising hills of the Upper Rhine lowland. There is a preferred, predestined climatic situation for wines to be able to be grown in this area that puts the vintage at the top of the European class of wines. Baden's cultivation area, together with the areas of Champagne, the Loire and Alsace, has been categorized as the international wine-growing Zone B. The demands for wine cultivation and production are higher here, than say for example, in the Rhinegau or Palatinate region, but the German southwest is virtually ideal for any possibility of production.

The Pfinzgau, in the old Baden heartland, has a special position sitting between the both former seats of power, the cities Pforzheim and Karlsruhe. The Dietlingen mussel lime grounds with her mineral heritage, provide our vineyards with characteristic features of steadily rising south slopes, that protect us from cold northerly and easterly winds and strong precipitation on our tributary valley of the Rhine valley the most warmest part of Germany, which signify our diligent activity as hardworking winegrowers in the Baden region.

The vineyards on which the shoots develop and prosper for the Cuvee Physiokrat, lie within the eastern edge of the Pfinzgau and are divided between the flow of the Rhine and Neckar rivers, coming from the Black Forest.

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