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The vineyards of Dietlingen rise far above the green valley meadows characteristic of our land, to a height of 300 meters above sea level.By the way, do not be alarmed by that number, since the nearest coastline to our vineyards is 500 kilometers away in Knokke, Belgium. Time has certainly changed the landscape of our vineyards. 230 million years ago, these lands were covered by the prehistoric Tethys Ocean, and over time as it dried up, the mussels died, sank to the ground and deposited themselves as a mussel lime to which we owe the beautiful, incomparable mineral aroma that is found in our Cuvee Physiokrat. With some luck, one can sometimes find these fossilized mussels in many different forms, dating back to the Triassic age, in our Dietlingen vineyards.

The vineyards, which face directed towards the south, allow a magnificent view of to the heights of the Black Forest, where the numerous Bath houses, with the world renowned Baden-Baden and its thermal springs are found. These known health resorts, previously used dating back to ancient Roman times, gives our region a geothermal advantage where the ground is warmer here than other places, and provides an underground heating. This geologic feature benefits our wine with the deep-passing roots of the warm-loving grapevines.

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