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We have imposed a set of high-class rules for our production that are on same strict levels of standards, classifications and procedures with other award winning Bordeaux vineyards.

Our maximum harvest may not exceed 4.000 bottles. We do all of the following by hand: breaking off of the desires, halving the grapes, stripping the leaves of the grape zone, removal of the damaged berries and finishing the vintage.

Special attention is focused on the ground ecology. We voluntarily renounce in our vineyards the application of pesticides and herbicides.

The fermentation of the Cuvee Physiokrat is carried out over the course of several weeks, beginning with the cold maceration and only with the available yeast cultures from our vineyards, followed by carefully monitored fermenting in open containers which does not require any machine application. Then the 12-15 month removal takes place in mostly new Barrique barrels made from European handled oak (Quercus Robur).

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