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During the past several centuries, producing one big harvest in the growing region validated a successful year, whereas a small harvest production was considered a bad year. Thus at times, wine would be particularly cheaper than drinking water, in so much that the supply of wine greatly outnumbered the amount of barrels to store it. Damage from frost, drought, mildew and vine pests also led to catastrophic crop failures at times. This resulted in either having poor tasting wine to virtually having no wine at all. Added with the growing consumption in beer, and the dramatic drop in cost for wine, the wine growers and their families came upon desperate times.

Analyzing the mistakes of our past can help us make more improved, important business decisions for the future. The spectrum of knowledge in today's wine-growing is extremely extensive and includes the main areas of vineyard and removal. The varieties of grapes, the selection of clones, the base, the education, and the careful care of the shoots are all part of the basic education. The art of fermentation, the knowhow of the winemaker, as well as the adequate product equipment, finalize the art of wine growing.
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